E-Learning modul
Regelschule geratal


This website emerged during our participation in the e-learning module of our Master’s program. As an exercise, we wanted to create an e-learning application that will be of practical use even after our exam. That is why we decided to create an e-learning website for the regular school of Geratal.

It supports the creation of question catalogs with different question types (single choice, multiple choice etc.) by teachers.

Furthermore, teachers can create virtual classes with anonymous student accounts and assign question catalogs to them.

Exercises use the tab learning method which requires the tasks to be completed at least a specific number of times, which increases when the corresponding question is answered incorrectly. Excercises can be completed an infinite amount of times. Teachers are able to monitor the progress of their students continuously.

Once students trained enough, the teacher can unlock the exam mode for a rateable test individually or for all students of the class all at once. While exercises can be repeated infinitely, tests can only be completed once.

Current Features

Upcoming features