Zur Hochzeits-Website von Milena und Lucas geht es hier lang.

Welcome to luckev.info -

Our software development portfolio



This website emerged during our participation in the e-learning module of our Master’s program. As an exercise, we wanted to create an e-learning application that will be of practical use even after our exam. That is why we decided to create an e-learning website for the regular school of Geratal.

It supports the creation of question catalogs with different question types (single choice, multiple choice etc.) by teachers.

Furthermore, teachers can create virtual classes with anonymous student accounts and assign question catalogs to them.

Exercises use the tab learning method which requires the tasks to be completed at least a specific number of times, which increases when the corresponding question is answered incorrectly. Excercises can be completed an infinite amount of times. Teachers are able to monitor the progress of their students continuously.

Once students trained enough, the teacher can unlock the exam mode for a rateable test individually or for all students of the class all at once. While exercises can be repeated infinitely, tests can only be completed once.




The students of the regular school of Geratal have to attend student internships.

To ease the process of finding a regional employer, this website was developed. It lists various companies that employ students for internships. Contact information like the addresses and possibly links to their websites are also shown.

Furthermore, students can redeem codes after their internship to publish a review of their internship at the respective company, so that it helps other student to find a suited company in the future.




A part of the youth community meets on a regular basis once a month for a vesper with a cozy get-together with snacks and soft-drinks afterwards.
Three times a year (New Year’s Eve, Easter and Pentecost) there are multi-day courses, each time dealing with a new spiritual topic and partially taking part in the religious life style of the Benedictine monks, as well as talking about practical advices for the daily life and of course having a great time together with bonfires, making music and playing games.

The youth community organizers are already doing a great job in promoting community events using different social media platforms like FacebookInstagram and their website, but there was no central platform for the community itself to keep in touch throughout the year. That is the reason why this community app is in development.

Current Features

Upcoming Features



The catholic parish of Meiningen used to be only the area of the city of Meiningen and some nearby villages (violet area of the map). However, as the number and density of catholics has decreased over the past decades in Thuringia, there has been a reoganization: Over the course of the last few years, multiple formerly independent parishes have been merged to create a new, bigger parish of Meiningen (blue, green and red area on the map got merged).

The same principle applies to the corresponding websites. There were multiple smaller, independent website for different parishes or even church locations. To showcase a clear and consistent corporate design with a centralized source of information, while also reducing the administration effort, this new website was developed.



The Team

We are two computer science students from Germany, who got to know each other and became friends at the start of our Bachelor’s degree program in a cozy little town near the Thuringian Forest back in 2015.

During our course of studies we have been working on more and more practical exercises and projects together, so we decided to purchase a virtual server to host a few of them for third parties together with a bunch of our software development process tools.

We then rented our domain named luckev.info – a fusion of our first names, Lucas and Kevin. 

Kevin Jonscher

Full Stack Developer

Lucas Kinne

Full Stack Developer

After I finished my A-levels at a grammar school in my small hometown in south-west Thuringia in 2015, I had to decide what I want to do in my upcoming professional life.

Software development has been my passion ever since I started working voluntarily as a Java developer for a private gaming server in the MMORPG community, so the choice to study computer science was obvious.  Three years later I received my Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree with distinction.

After that I moved from the cozy small town near the Thuringian Forest to Würzburg (Bavaria) to proceed with the corresponding Master’s program. In consequence of the Covid pandemic, it took slightly longer than anticipated and I received my Master of Science (Computer Science) with a specialization in software engineering at the end of 2021.

Since September 2021 I have been working as a Full-Stack Developer für the IT-Centre of the University of Würzburg.